Beauty And The Beast 1

beauty and the beast 1
Disney Renaissance era Favorite?

Here is Mine, say why too. Best to least favorite..
1. Beauty and the Beast- The Characters, all the songs are enchanting and I think the message and romance is a tearjerker.
2.The Little Mermaid- I love Ursula, shes awesome and Flounder. The songs are great to and I love the Cook.
3. Mulan- Reflection, honor to us all and Mulan. A strong character.
4. Aladdin- Robin Williams humor and A whole New World
5- Hunchback Of Notre Dame- Frollo (kickass) The gargoiles, ALL SONGS and the epic end battle
6.Pocahontas- The Gold song, Pocahontas, I love the message and the epic ending. The best thing is the songs though
7. The Lion King/Hercules (Tie)- I Like them but not my favorite. Lion King is just to sad (but I love Timone and Pumba). Hercules is good, I love the songs but just nothing special.
8.Tarzan- eeehhhh
9. Rescuers Down Under- Bad

I grew up in the 80’s. CInderella was my first Disney movie. It was so magical watching books I’d read come to life on screen.

1. Beauty and the Beast will probably forever be one of my favorites because it was so new and unexpected and everything was beautiful in it . . . not to mention, Belle was my heroine because she was a bookworm. And I agree, all of the songs are enchanting~no other word for it!