Beauty And Beast The Musical

beauty and beast the musical
What is a good song i can audition with for the role of Chip in Beauty and the Beast the musical?

I am going to be performing in Beauty and the Beast the musical this summer. I really want to get the role of Chip. I have to audition with 16 bars. i can use my own song or a song from the musical. i want to use another song that isnt from the musical to stand out. But if i do i need to get the sheet music for the paino. and i dont know where to get it. i was thinking about the song electricity form billy elliott. any help. ad sheet music links if you can.

Omg my friend played chip!!!!
Anyway, choose a song that you are compleley confident in singing. Don’t try something for the risk, sing something that you know you can sing well.

As for sheet music, try local music stores. Stores that sell guitars and keyboards and such, usually sell sheet music, and if they don’t have it, you can order it and then pick it up.