Beauty And Beast Song

beauty and beast song
Beauty and the Beast Audition Song and Audition tips?

I’m hoping to audition for Beauty and the Beast in a few weeks. I need to show the people I’m auditioning for that I can handle this the role of Belle and I would like to impress them the best can. I have a great range but I would perfer to sing a Mezzo song because Belle is a Mezzo.
Any Ideas, experience, or tips for me would be awesome!

You might want to sing “Who Will Love Me as I Am?” from Sideshow, it’s my own audition sing and I feel like it’s kind of reminiscent of some of Belle’s songs there are no good versions on youtube but the song (if sung well) is quite lovely. You should be familiar with the show because they will probably ask You to read or sing from it as the audition process goes on. Don’t sing anything from the show itself, unless they ask you to. DON’T ask them how you did or if they liked you, it really bugs the professionals. Break A Leg!