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The amount of protein you need a broker who is trying to gain muscle mass?

I try to run 3 miles every other day instead. I am also using the weight of Ballys. Half an hour each. When I go home for a bit of whey protein in an attempt to gain upper body muscle. I've always been thin and never sought to gain muscle until I was 27 years or less. 5k/day worked up within two years. I would like to gain some muscle in the body above and I'm not sure my plan is to provide the right amount of protein. An article in Men's Health spoke chicken breast eat all of Rock two hours to lose fat and gain muscle. Anyone have the rest of this article? (Part of the article.)

To buy more volume, there is some disagreement about how much protein you should have for maximum benefit, but most articles I read say 1.0 to 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight. The exact amount depends on the intensity of your workouts, because if you do not use the protein you eat, it just the other side .. Its sources of protein should come from fat, low in fat, so the Rock prefers chicken. Other sources may include Turkey, 93% of lean red meats, tuna, egg whites, shrimp, mackerel and salmon, and they all give similar results. After all, the protein is the protein, no matter where it comes from. Only you have to go with the one you love. As the article is concerned, you realize that it is only page 2 of a two-page article? A link to the first page down. If you have trouble finding it, go see link # 1 below. Or if you were referring to another article with the rock, one called "What's uprising 'The Rock'?" which can be found at # 2.