Average Length Of Marriage Before Divorce

average length of marriage before divorce
Is there anybody out there who hasn’t been through at least one divorce?

Seriously, it seems like every body’s got an ” ex ” these days. Why can’t people stay married anymore?

Did you know that the average length of a marriage in the United States today is only about six years? That is absolutely pitiful! I mean, at that rate, why even bother? And maybe even more startling is that in the face of such statistics, people keep trying. Why? Why keep trying when marriage almost always runs into a dead end before it barely even gets a start…?
Edit : By the way. This question is mainly for those of you who’ve been married. Those of you who haven’t been married may answer, but I suspect that those of you have will have a better perspective on this issue…

25 yrs next month. Don’t plan to divorce and if he left me I wouldn’t go on to # 2.