Arranged Marriage Divorce

arranged marriage divorce
What are your views on arranged marriage?

It seems that there is so much more divorce among non arranged marriages and people whose marriages are arranged – either by a service or a beloved family member or even a combination tend to thrive better once the emotional aspects are removed. I’m not talking about an arranged marriage where the woman or man has no say, but more like the type in the movie: Arranged .

It’s a common misconception that people who have had arranged marriages are unhappy or miserable, or have a marriage lacking love. My family is all about arranged marriages since we are Asian. My cousin recently got married, and before marrying the guy that she married, she got to know him very well by spending time as much time with him as she possibly could. The guy turned out to be very funny, and an extremely caring guy, and of course, she loved having him around, and she loved him, and of course, she still does.
If she hadn’t liked the guy, she wouldn’t have had to marry him, and her parents would have been fine with it. They would just go on searching for more guys…Which I know sounds strange, but it really isn’t bad if that’s the type of culture you’ve been brought up in.
My parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, etc. have all had arranged marriages, have all been happy married for years, and haven’t had a single divorce.

As for my take on the issue…I don’t mind arranged marriages at all. I think the prospect of finding the absolute right person are entirely possible in an arranged marriage. And of course, both the bride and the bridge groom definitely have a say in who they want to marry. Arranged marriages are certainly not forced, and in many cases, they are not without love.