Arranged Marriage Divorce Rate

arranged marriage divorce rate
Arranged Marriage for an American Girl?

I am a young, attractive, intelligent American woman. I feel, very strongly, that an arranged marriage is for me. I am not looking for someone of strong social prestige, a wealthy family, or anything like that. I myself am from a family of two, not very wealthy, and no really a social “climber”. I am just looking for someone ready to commit to a life together with a good wife. To respect, honor, and take care of me, and receive the same in return. However I would rather not deplete my bank balance on an online matchmaking site that probably doesn’t work. Can someone tell me of any real life matchmakers in california, a comparison of divorce rates between love marriages and arranged marriages, and free matchmaking sites(if they exist)?
If anyone takes issue with the way I choose to lead my life, there are a good many links for you to click on. Don’t let the door hit your e-butt on the way out 🙂

Let me make this clear: I have never, nor would I consider, taking part in an arranged marriage. Just so you understand lol
Honey, you have the right to be happy with your life. As long as you have a good head on your shoulders(which seems to be the case considering your vocab. Go you!), you’ll be fine. As far as parents go, have your mum and dad talk with other families that feel the same way regarding marriage, and see if everyone can pool together to find a good husband for you! As for there being no matchmakers to help you(which is a total crock), I also live in cali(if it weren’t for the AC I’d go crazy lol) and know the number of an indian woman who connects families this way. She has a very high success rate! Her business runs by referrals, and she is very nice, so don’t worry lol
Here is some more information on the different kinds of arranged marriages:
In Japan, there are plenty of young people that go to matchmakers. Its just a way to ensure that you have a good stable future ahead of yourself. No one said that the wife has to be the house slave and obey her husband’s every command. Far from it, most arranged marriages(not counting 3rd world countries where men are real ****ers to little girls, poor things..) are a partnership! Some girl described the whole situation perfectly>>>The whole concept of arranged marriage is explained wrong here.
The article seems to explain ‘forced’ marriage not arranged marriage. In arranged marriage, the family or onself decides on the criteria of selection for the spouse and they kind of line up prospective candidates. This is followed by talking to each one, dropping till you find the best one. The person him/herself makes the final call. The term ‘arranged’ is used because a ‘process’ is being followed here as opposed to the other kind (love marriage ?) where you like someones physical appearance, start going around just to have a nice time but become so much friends that you end up marrying that person. This is the hap-hazard way of getting married. There is no intial intention to get married, things just happen and people often realize later that it should not have happened. All real concerns of marriage are sidelined in love-marriages saying ‘if we love each other, we will fix everything’ !!!
That was said on this site:
Good luck honey! Since I can’t email you, you can email me =]
btw everyone, she isn’t being rude at all. If she wanted to be rude she could have cussed everyone out =D Instead she asked them to leave politely. Is that really so bad? Sounds like you guys are the ones being mean, calling her ignorant and making cruel comments about her personality. Shame on you! <<