Annulment Vs Divorce

annulment vs divorce
Whats the social opinion about annulment vs divorce?

I know legally annulment means the marriage is void in the first place, therefore parties got their marriage annuled would be treated as single. My question is: socially how would you view a girlfriend that you love very much but she had an annulment/divorce history. Will annulment history make your and your family feel better? I am asking because in Asia, yes, divorce is still a social stigma in lots of families. I want to know this answer for my gal friend who has a legal choice to either annul her short-term marriage or simply get a divorce. But for her future marriage in this country, I want to know guys’ opinino in geneal. What the benefits an annulment will do that for her? Thanks.

Socially, both are viewed as negative but perception of divorce is worse. People often cast judgement without first knowing circumstances as is the case with divorce. While both are viewed as a failure, one kind of “never happened”.

Since your question is directed to men I can say without a doubt that if given the option she should have her marriage annulled instead of divorce. (Unless he is financially loaded and a divorce settlement benefits her, lol)