Age And Divorce

age and divorce
Relationship after divorce – middle age – ladys answer please?

I have been dating a gal for about 5 months, we got too hot and too heavy so we have stepped back and starting over.

She is recently (2 months) out of a divorce, but, the ex- had moved out over a year ago so there was SOME time alone.
We went too fast and too loose for 5 months but have not backed off to a “friends” status as she says she needs time to heal from the 15 yr marriage.

She is not dating around or looking for another relationship, but can not obviously commit to me right now either. We are playing it as friends but are intimate (sleep over) occassionally.

My question is will me continuing to see her socially HELP her heal from the wounds or should I back off more and give her more time alone? We both enjoy the time together but I want this LONG TERM and don’t want to blow it. I’m 45 she’s 41.

The only part that bothers me is sometimes I feel she doesn’t want her friends to know were seeing each other, what does that mean?

She may just not wish to get into too serious of a relationship after being married for so long. May be her chance to go after her passions in life. She may also be ‘gun-shy’ after putting so much into a relationship and then having it end. If you can handle being a ‘sleep-over friend’ then continue on but if you are looking for more than you may wish to remain just friends without anything else involved. As far as relationships go, believe we should just let them either grow or not naturally without expectations or pressure. Give her time and be supportive; time will tell you when and if she is ready for something more.