About Life After Death

What people think of life after death?

I am doing a school project and I need to know certain theories and answers to what people think about life after death. I do not like what religion to follow, but I need to know the strengths and weaknesses belief and what atheists think happens after death. I am an atheist and I think when you die you are reincarnated, but recently I found a very interesting theory: that you believe will happen will happen and it will be like a dream or a life. I wonder if anyone agrees with this and if not, why? Thank you to Please reply as soon as possible because my project will be soon if someone is not clear atheist is really a person who does not believe in God, I do not believe in God and therefore I'm atheist

I live each day not knowing what lies ahead. I take it as it comes and deal with life as best I can, I see beyond the same. If anything, I'll treat it as it comes. If not, is not really important because it will cease to exist.