2nd Marriage Divorce Rate

2nd marriage divorce rate
Sweden is the future for all countries where feminist men are second class citizens?

And the first impression is that Women are well? However, when you look at the facts, Sweden: 1. The lowest rate of marriage and increased divorce rates in the OECD. 2. The female more than eight and 32 ° more high rate of suicide among men in the world. 3. A large negative rate of population growth, despite the contribution of its Many Muslim immigrants. Swedish men are still willing to live with the Swedish women to do unless you find someone attractive then followed with concern not so much. It seems that the days of white Swedish are numbered anyway, that Muslim immigrants are out of farming and they will most quickly in some cities before.

The European Union is not the suffering of men as second class citizens. By contrast, Europe has a rapidly aging population and the fact that European women do not want to settle down and have kids. In France, it became a crisis that pregnant women receive the Medal of the French family. But in an unfortunate turn of events, thanks to the reduction of the European population native against racism and neo-Nazism is increasing rapidly "White" Europeans see immigrants as a threat. The problem is that Europeans are disappearing, and in 2050, half the population of France will be abroad. Without immigrants who are not even able to increase population, Europe will become a ghost continent in 60 years or more. Solution? Make babies. But they are not. Therefore, it is a spiral decrease in hate crimes based on race and Europe endangered. When I say the West is dying … it is literally. The European Union is dying and the U.S. is the poorest country in the world. Yet we in the West continue to argue and fight among themselves while quietly Beijing twiddling their thumbs.