Youtube Beauty And The Beast

Nicholas Jonas/Beauty and the Beast!?

well. i am a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jonas brothers fan <3 have been forever. and i loveee the songg Joy to the World (Christmas Prayer) and I am doing the play Beauty and the Beast. Is that a song from the play ? Or what ? Is he just singing it with the cast ? heres a link to the video please help ! :]

It’s not from Beauty and the Beast. He recorded that song as a Christmas single when he was I think 8? Not positive but sorta sure. The cast probably just sang it with him because they all sing and he was promoting his singing career at the time. Thats my take on it. I’m sure he wrote it and had sang it before, it just was a single on an album in 2003 so idk. Hope I helped 🙂