Young Marriage Divorce

young marriage divorce
Marriage? young? How old were you?

how old were you when you got married?
or how old do you want to be when you got married?

i mostly want to know about young marriage. did it work out for you?

do you think its posible to find your soul mate [person your going to marry] when your lets say 17-18?

ik lots of people say you will get divorced if you marry young but couldnt that happon if you were older too? what if you knew each other all your life and dated a long time b4 you got married. id like some positive feedback. thanks =D
also would like to here from people who married because of ARMY etc reasons?

I met my husband when I we both were 17 right before we turned 18 we were friends for 1 year then started dating- got married after 5 years of dating at age 24. We have been married now for 4 years together 10. I really do think I found my soulmate and feel very lucky to have at such a young age. Some people go there whole lives trying to find that special someone. If you feel you found your soulmate you just have to go for it- of course like any relationshop you will have problems but as long as you have love and respect you can work it out. Good luck!