Women Health Tips

women health tips
Why are women in this section?

I have read a lot of stuff on YA where women complain that men’s health section is just filled with questions regarding the penis and masturbation. I agree that it is. My question is, if women think it is something to whine about in other sections, then why do they come into the men’s health section? Are they looking for beauty tips here???

This excludes all those women who have genuine queries.
Daniel: I don’t think you read my last line on the question. I do have some respect. You need to read the question properly!

It’s not a gender thing. A lot of males whine about how all the questions here are about penis! So bottom line is some people don’t like the questions here. Yeah, they should stay away. But they want to grumble.

I have no problems with the questions here I mean being about male genitals etc is what separates it from general health, and I am here so I can answer questions on Men’s Health, sometimes I know stuff due to my experiences etc and I can get the right answer.