Watch Beauty And The Beast Movie Online

Is there any way I can watch Beauty and the Beast, the broadway musical, online?

please, I only just found out it came off broadway. It has always been my favorite Disney movie, and I never got the chance to see thee broadway production. Is there any way I can see it?

yes, unfortunately the classic show closed at the lunt-fontanne theater after 13 fantastic years of productions. anyway, you might find some on youtube, but i predict that u will have to search each individual song/scene since youtube vids can only be 10 minutes. i have seen wicked 4 times, and i have seen clips of it on youtube, and nothing…repeat NOTHING compares to seeing something live, especially wen it comes to special effects…which there are a lot of in beauty and the beast. just wait til in goes on tour again. by 2012, the show will either b back on broadway, or will be touring.