Watch Beauty And The Beast Full Movie

Dreaming full length movies! ?

Im sure they are not “full length” as in they last an hour in my sleep.. but lately I have been watching movies I have seen before in my sleep, the whole thing. I have a really good memory but, I have never dreamed movies before, usually its just faces of people I glance at while at a mall or something random strangers but for 3 nights I have watched…

Beauty & The Beast / I am Legend – Replacing Will Smith w/ Nicole Kidman for some reason?/ One other but I forgot what movie it was that was 3 days ago, the 2 I mentioned are most recent.

Anyways, its weird, I don’t like it, and I was wondering if I should see a doctor or something i can do to stop my movie theater brain?
Also a dream that keeps popping up about my teeth!!! Its super gross!! I have nice teeth but in my dreams they are rotting out of my mouth and falling apart, this usually happens after the movie and wakes me up.

Watching too movies may play some heavy effect in your subconscious mind. In your head, you want to go on, or be part of the roles you have experienced in reality. In reality, that may mean, you do not get enough of it or feeling the need to fulfill the desire of completion.

Movies are basically make-believe scenes although some have factual plots. However, that may trick you mind into dreaming because deep down you feel that there is an escape in movie world. And that is why your subconscious mind wants to continue the escape of reality.

In order to stop it, you should stop watching movies.

As far as teeth popping and falling apart, that is sign of losing control. That may have something to do with how you handle situation in your life. You may be losing control in some aspects of your life. Perhaps, too much entertainiment is also evidence of the dream.