Voice Of Belle Beauty And The Beast

voice of belle beauty and the beast
Outline for my English Essay?

We’re doing an author study on Walter Dean Meyers, and we’re re-writing a fairy tale in his voice. I chose Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast Disney version.

here’s what I’m thinking:

— Instead of being on his way to a convention, Beauty’s (I’m going to rename her) father is in debt to a young but troubled eccentric book store owner who hardly ever leaves his back room, anthropomorphizing objects around the shop. Because Beauty’s family has no money, she works for the “Beast” until the debt is payed off, slowly learning his story.

— Instead of Gaston, a hunter, I’ll have another “strong” male character who wants Beauty to be his girlfriend. Instead of hunting, he has a passion for rapping.

Does that sound good? What are good names?

Belle —
Beast —
Gaston —
Papa —

Hey cool idea! Hum let’s see
Belle- Aimée (loved), Aurore (dawn)
Beast- René (reborn), Augustin (noble)
Gaston- Jules (guy/dude), Pierre (stone)
Papa- Olivier (olive tree), Benoît (blessed)