Us Marriage Divorce Rates

us marriage divorce rates
Is the structure and frequency of marriage in the US about to change?

Will the children of the incredibly high divorce rate families in the US marry less often, or treat marriage as less of a lifetime commitment, than their predecessors? Will advocates or detractors of the Women’s Movement, Men’s Rights or Gay Rights have a greater influence than organized religion on whether and how often we marry? Am wondering what my late-teen sons are headed into…

Advise your sons that marriage in the United States is probably the the worst financial mistake they can make. Marriage has not been treated as a committment in the US since the late ’60’s, but community property can be the death of the person financially. Advise them to run credit reports on potential spouses and DEFINITELY advise them to have prenuptial aggreements if they own any property before they get married.

Sure this is not the answer you were hoping for – but it is the way it is.