Us Divorce Statistics

us divorce statistics
“till death do us part” as an argument to preserve marriage?

why do people assume that everyone takes these words so seriously and literally?

Half the people surely had second thoughts (divorce statistics).

It’s obvious that many people don’t take these words seriously.

Having acknowledged that,

why should it even be an argument to preserve marriage or someone they don’t know very well (and thus they surely don’t know if that person seriously meant these words).

and for those who say that you can pick your won vows- MOST PEOPLE DIDN’t KNOW THAT WAS AN OPTION.
at least half the people got married with other intentions, than staying together till death.

the reason why they said the vows, is BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT IT IS REQUIRED BY LAW, and is JUST A FORMALITY and they thought there is NO WAY AROUND IT
i am not talking about Chuch marriage or other religious practices, i am referring to court marriage only….

I meant them when I said them. I’ve been married for 23 years so far, and I have every intention of remaining married until one of us dies.

The reason I “assume that everyone takes these words so seriously and literally” is because when people say them, they are swearing it in front of witnesses, family, and God in a solemn ceremony. If you’re not being serious then, you are incapable of being serious, and you have no business getting married.

Edit: Val, it always shocks me a little when we agree so strongly!