Tv Show Beauty And The Beast

tv show beauty and the beast
What is a book/movie/game/TV show/anything really were the bad guy turn good?

I’m not really picky long short, old, new. what ever. I’m mainly looking for for something were the guy is first show in a bad light (thief, moster, vampire, bad guy, gang member) but as the story goes on that person turns out to be a good guy
things like Beauty and the beast, pitch black, twilight (please don’t sujest thouse I’ve seen them)


Thief Al Mundy in It Takes a Thief

Shane from the movie Shane

Clint Eastwood’s Character in The Man who No Name Trilogy (Manco)

Frank James in the Return of Frank James

Jake Cardigan in the Tek War Books

Zaphod Beblebox from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy