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How to drop a pants size in 2-3 months?


I’m 5’3″, 132 lbs.,19 years old. I’ve been doing the following since Janurary:
-work with a personal trainer on strength training (a bit of cardio-like jump roping) twice a week
-Take 3-4 total body fitness classes a week
-Do yoga once or twice a week
-Run on the treadmill or outside for 45 minutes to build endurance

And yet I’m still 132 lbs. and wear a size 6 pants, which is what I started with in two months ago! Ok, so I’m not overweight, but I want to at least be able to wear a size 2 jeans so I won’t look disproportionate and shorter than I already am.

I eat a fairly vegetarian diet, having chicken, turkey or fish daily to help fill up on protein. I do have sweets once in a while (esp. at night), but I’ve cut off a lot that out of my life. Can an health/fitness guru out there please help me???

What am I doing wrong? How can I get out of this plateau??

Body For Life
Ive posted this on another question too
it works wonders
You can buy the book
or see the website first
you sound pretty good at sticking to what you eat so it probably wont be too hard for you