Tickets For Beauty And The Beast

tickets for beauty and the beast
Steam Pipe Explosion + Tickets for Beauty and the Beast = Police Officers turning us away at 57th St.?

My father and I had tickets for Beauty and the Beast on Broadway for July 18th at 8. When we finally got into Manhattan, we were turned away by police officers at 57th St., and they were directing traffic away from Manhattan because of the steam pipe explosion. We missed the show, and when my father called the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre the next day, a woman he spoke to told him about 50 other people missed the show, and they would call us back with the manager’s decision on what to do. So far, they have called back and told us they will not be compensating any of these 50 people in any way, and we should dispute the charges with our credit card company. Is there anything more that we can do? Is it even possible to find out who the other 50 people are and do something jointly?

I had an equivalent problem with tickets for a show after September 11th. The theater did not want to make any accommodation for people who had tickets and could not get there.

I think they have an attitude problem and you will get no satisfaction.