The Bible On Marriage And Divorce

So, people are against gay marriage to protect the sanctity of the union between a man and a woman, and?

because the bible allegedly speaks against it. If this is such a concern (protecting marriage) why aren’t there Christian and Family first groups out there working on banning divorce and adultery? Those things actually ARE undermining the sanctity of marriage, and the bible speaks against divorce just as often as homosexuality, maybe they should focus on that first.

Actually all of the verses that supposedly condemn homosexuality are very vague and the churches have changed them over the years to fit what they think is “best”.

But yes, it makes no sense in regards to divorce. You see, most, if not ALL, Christians pick and choose what they want to believe. Most Christians overlook divorce and adultery because that would be against what they themselves want, and they definitely can’t have that. So they overlook those “minor” details and attack something that doesn’t hurt anybody (ie. homosexuality) in an attempt to draw attention away from this “picking and choosing” of theirs.

They’re all hypocrites. And you know what? That’s EXACTLY what God says in the Bible.