The Bible Marriage

the bible marriage
Christians: Is there any verse in the entire Holy Bible that approves “Same Sex Marriage”?

The Bible is clear that any sexual activity outside of marriage is sinful.

The Holy Bible view of Marriage is a union between a “Man and a Woman.” Very special note:(Matthew 19:4-6)

God united in Holy Matrimony Adam and Eve(Genesis 2:21-25), not Adam and Steve(Romans 1:26-27).

No. Anyone who thinks the Bible does not speak against same sex partners is in denial. Just because it does not spell out homosexual or lesbian.

It also does not say: abortion, gamble, child pornography or child molester or many other modern day terms, but we understand these and other acts to be sinful according to the teachings of the Bible.

If one does not accept the Bible then it’s understandable that they would not agree, but I take it that this question is directed to believers who are Bible based believers.