The Beauty And The Beast Movie

the beauty and the beast movie
What’s the name of the real Beauty and the Beast movie?

I remember a movie, think it was from the late nineties, with a redhead who falls in love with an ugly man living alone that she paints on canvas. I thought it was called “Beauty” but I can’t find it.

Beauty (1998 TV movie)
starring Janine Turner, Jamey Sheridan, Linden Ashby, Malcolm Stewart, Hal Holbrook
IMDb synopsis:
Alix Miller arrives at the isolated Crompton mansion in New Hampshire to paint the portrait of the mysterious Leland Crompton. When they meet, she discovers that he is disfigured from a disease called acromegaly. Nevertheless, friendship, romance, and a deeper understanding develop between the two.
Amazingly, YouTube might have the complete movie! Here’s Part 1: