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Where is this diet plan for an official P90X?

First, I know I am of the opinion in R & S. .. But food And health and fitness section men are overwhelmed by spammers, so I have to do here, where there is a greater … Christ would not forgive this? The Mostly, I eat: Breakfast: Turkey Breast (Those who are supposed to be for sandwiches, but I do not eat bread) Fruits Lunch: Breast turkey, if you have some chicken or beef salad (without clothes) Snack: A protein bar half-size Supreme after training: CVS protein supplement Dinner: Same as lunch the day I Ab Ripper X (I do them separately in the night, it helps me stay awake during the night to study) I have another part of the CVS protein drink What do you think? To what extent is the diet recommended by Tony Horton P90X?

I guess that I will be alone in saying this could be considered spam. I've never been to miss the irony. : D (including the fact that This response is also spam)