Summary Of Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and the Beast, Silly Girls?

I’m just wondering, how big of a part are the 3 silly girls in the play beauty and the beast?
I want to see the stage production, but unfortunately all I’ve seen is the disney movie, which is hardly the same as the play.

anyways, to the point.
I’m going to audition for beauty and the beast this year, and I think that a silly girl might be a fun role to play, and to aim for.
But what I’m wondering is, how big of a part are the silly girls?
like.. how are they, line wise?
and do they sing a lot? are they in a lot of numbers?
if someone could give me a summary of what they really do in the Play, then that would be great!


They are in three numbers that I am sure of (Belle, Gaston, The Mob Scene), and they have a trio-part in Belle. They also have a bit of dialogue that they exchange with Gaston before the number “Me”.

On a side-note, in the production I was a part of, the silly girls were asked to double as dancing napkins in both Be Our Guest and Human Again.

Finally, the silly girls are definitely a fun role to play because there is so much you can do with them.