Stop My Divorce Save My Marriage

stop my divorce save my marriage
stop a divorce?

I was served divorce papers from hubby earlier this week. The weird thing is hubby and I talked and we were going to put our life back together and eventually have our life the way it was. I got my MIL and FIL to go to the house and get more of my clothes. I went to speak with hubby I told him that I wasn’t preggers bc the DR had done blood work. We did more talking and he said he loved me and would think on the things we discussed. My mom went to visit the girls today and when she got back she told me that he and her talked and he’s gonna want to see the divorce to the end. To set up the story we had brung a 3rd party into the bedroom to llive out a fantasy. But bc the condom broke we all thought I was preggers so my hubby filed for divorce. I have called everything off with the other person. I’m not the type of gal that believes in divorce. I don’t want the divorce and want to know of ways to save the marriage. One reason is bc of the kids we have together…..

Hi there !!!

Wow what a life experience girl !!!! I will not judge you, but what were you guys thinking? Why would he want to divorce you if he was in on this fantasy game ?
You should learn from this though, honey marriage is all about commitment and fidelity, yes I know it was a fantasy, but if you do not respect yourself, and he does not respect you, then your relationship will not last.
You say you spoke to him and things were going to be fine, why this sudden change of heart?
How long have you been married? how old are your kids?
I would not stay with someone just for the childrens sake alone, no way, that is cruel to them, they are very smart and they can sense when things are not going well.
I would have another heartfelt conversation with the husband, and ask him why is this happening?
You should take a good look at your life now though,
why would you allow yourself to go through an experience like that ?
Don’t you respect your body, your soul ?
Honey these fantasies we have are sometimes very dangerous.
You guys could maybe try other things that do not involve third parties., that causes to many problems, not to mention it is morally incorrect.
I am no one to judge, I know each person has their own likes and dislike, it is just that you would not be in this situation if you and your hubby did not partake in that fantasy, you should let him know that you did not do that alone, he was involved as well.

May you find a solution to this life experience

love light and peace