Status Of Divorce

status of divorce
What status does one have when a legal petition of divorce is dismissed?

When the family court dismisses a petition on the ground of not turning up of the complainant

There are two possibilities. Eithier of the two you will have to determine based on your facts. The courts will dissmiss an action based on the three C’s..Cohersion(you forced you partner to end the marriage), Collusion (You lied about the facts of the breakup) or Conivance (you plotted with your spouse to cheat so you both could get a rapid end to the marriage).In cases like this you will not be granted the divorce and technically are still married.
The other possibility is that you were served documents but never showed up for court, depending on the stage of the proceeding, you will still be granted the divorce. Do you not have a lawyer explaining this. Dismissals in family court due to not showing up mean you lost your case…. Good luck