Statistics On Marriage And Divorce

I’m writting a paper on the fact that 50% of marriages end in divorce today?

for my Psychology of Marriage class. I just want any ideas and views on this statistic. Like if religion factors in? or children? or age? or any other statistics that are similar. I just find it amazing that if you stay married for over 7 years that you’re a minority in this day and age! Does that mean marriage will eventually fade out? Any views, ideas or thoughts are welcome! Thanks!

Personally I think it is all about commitment. Few people today view marriage as “permanent” and at the first sign of problems they bail.

Me… My parents divorced when I was 16. I married at 18. My husband was 24, and I was his 2nd wife (he was 18 when he married the first time, his 1st wife was 17). We didn’t live together prior to marriage… dated only 5 months before we married… and didn’t have sex prior to our wedding night. We’re still married, 26 years later. I’m pretty sure we’ve beaten a lot of the odds in there somewhere.