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Can you please fill my questionnaire?

Hello, this is for my media project … (You can give me bad answers if you want, I I just need answers!) Sex Age: Under 16 20 16, 20 + years in North London West London South London East London How often do you buy magazines? Weekly Fortnightly Monthly Occasionally Never have time to read a magazine? Under 15 minutes 15 minutes 45 minutes 45 minutes How About You in the magazines? Under £ 1 £ 1 – £ 2 £ 2 – £ 3 £ 3 on what kind of magazines do you read? Fashion Health & Fitness Men Women Teens News House Music Comics Other (specify) What do you read magazines? Gossip horoscope pages fashion advice column type Front True Stories Sports Entertainment Interviews Other (Please specify) WHAT TO DO IN YOUR FREE TIME? THANKSSSSSSSSSSS x

Naturally, I hope your project goes thinggy. Good luck. Gender: Female Age: Under 16's South London AREA How often do you buy magazines? How long monthly spend reading a magazine? 15 minutes 45 minutes what happens in SA magazines? £ 2 – £ 3 WHAT KIND OF magazines do you read? What do you want teenagers read magazines? User Pages What you do in your spare time? ii watch TV or practice a musical instrument. I write songs, take pictures, play on my pc I do my homework.