Something There Beauty And The Beast

something there beauty and the beast
What happens in Beauty and The Beast 2?

I was youtubing the songs from BATB, don’t ask, and I came accross something that said a song title from BATB2…when did that happen? I know there was a Christmas one but was there one actually based on plot? Don’t tell me it’s some Pocohantas 2 BS where they throw away the original love interest…
There seems to be one that takes place when the Beast is the hot young blonde guy and not a beast…que estrano, no?

It is the Christmas one! It’s actually set in the middle of the original movie. The official title is Beauty and the Beast – The Enchanted Christmas. She tries to bring Christmas to the inhabitants of the castle, but there’s an organ who doesn’t want the curse to be broken, so he tries to screw things up. You can read a synopsis here:

The one the person above is referencing is NOT a Disney production to say the least! LOL!

Edit – Oh, snap they deleted their answer – must have realized their mistake!