Snow White Dvd

snow white dvd
Snow White DVD Query?

Does anyone know anything about the platinum edition of the Snow White DVD?

If it has the game “Dopey’s wild mine ride”?

If not, what are the bonus features?

Thanks everyone
Top answer, Thanks!

yes the game is in it and here are the special features
Special Features
Local Tour by Angela Lansbury – showing samples of the bonus features
‘Dopey´s Wild Mine Ride’ – a thrilling rescue-adventure game
‘Making Of’ – 23 minute documentary featuring rare behind-the-scenes footage
‘Some Day My Prince Will Come’ – newly recorded by Barbara Streisand
‘Heigh Ho’ sing-along song
Audio commentary including rare archival recordings made by Walt Disney himself!
‘The Wishing Well’ – features a timeline of Walt Disney, a production timeline of ‘Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs’ and storyboard to film comparisons
‘The Queen´s Castle’ – a magnificent Virtual Gallery containing early camera tests, featurettes on early art and design, layout and background elements, voice talent and live action reference footage
‘The Queen´s Dungeon’ – featuring concepts that were dropped from the final movie – such as an alternate version of Snow White meeting the Prince and a dream fantasy version of ‘Some Day My Prince Will Come’
‘The Dwarves’ Mine’ – features Disney through the decades, four deleted scenes from the movie including the song ‘Music In Your Soup’, RKO´s original opening and end credits
‘The Dwarves’ Cottage’ – features footage of the movie´s premiere, trailers, publicity materials including two rarely seen Black and White shorts and vintage audio programmes
Interactive Menu
Scene Access