Short Marriage Divorce

short marriage divorce
With the divorce rate at almost 50% is it a viable thing Marriage ?

I mean should we be looking at shorter term relationships with out the heavy legal and financial burdens ?.
Look at Hollywood’s golden people they have prenuptial agreements because they figure its not going to last .
Is this were we are headed .?
Perhaps short term marriages.. Odd yes I know but what do you all think. ?

I think people should be closer.Most people are in lust and hormones raging and they get married very young, and by the time they are 25 and maybe 3 kids, they change as a “person”. Life looks a lot different at 30 than at 19 ! Things change. Now at my age I look more for someone that will have a deep relationship. I don’t want to waste my time. I stayed in a marriage way longer than I should have, because of my faith, vows, etc…. I think marriage IS viable, but you HAVE to be faithful, and devoted to that one person. “Pathfinder”….being a priest is supposed to be the same, and look at what has been happening. I’m just glad I have what I consider to be MY personal relationship with God. I have lost faith and trust in people, not in God !