Short Marriage Divorce Settlement

short marriage divorce settlement
I had assets, but I didn’t have a pre-nup – big mistake! short marriage – <5years. Best advice please!

I made the mistake of putting him on title to both of my houses – now he wants half. I also paid off over 50,000 of his debt – I know – what was I thinking! Well I made choices based on the idea that we would be married 4 ever. I would appreciate the best tips on divorce settlement. Usually, the man feels like the wife is trying to take everything – in my case it’s reversed. I think I have a decent lawyer, but any good information I can take to the table will help! Thank you!

Even if you had a pre-nup, you’d still be surprised at what they get away with.
My advice to you is to get a shark lawyer… don’t worry about his feelings, during a divorce he won’t worry about yours. Don’t try to be “fair”.
OR!!! cut your losses, make it clean, and get out FAST! no looking back, OK?