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separation divorce
Anyone Have Any Audience Participation Ideas for a Divorce and Separation Presentation?

I am doing a presentation in college on separation and divorce. I am trying to think of any ways I could include my audience outside of them asking me questions at the end.

Here are some specifics:

-It is an adult audience (college kids and a professor)

-I’d like to refrain from asking very personal questions as the topic may be too involved for some people

-The audience participation is a required element of the presentation and it needs to be relevant to the topic.

Any ideas would be appreciated thank you!

Often mediation is a requirement in order to go forward with a divorce. Maybe break up the room into groups and do a mock mediation? Child custody and even things like custody of the dog are found in mediations. I would maybe stick to the pets and keep it lighter–probably many of the students have been through divorces of their parents and it might be uncomfortable for them.