Second Marriage Without Divorce

second marriage without divorce
immigration and divorce…?

okay, here’s the thing, i haven’t divorced with my husband in my country, so i just left him and moved to america 6 years ago. Right now i found a man that is gonna marry me, however i told him that i was divorced, because i really never have any relationship or whatsoever with my husband in 6 years. My question is, is it possible for me to marry this man and process my green card without my divorce letter??? i really am sure that my husband won’t divorce me eventhough he is already married with another woman. He just want to make my second marriage fail without the divorce letter. Will the U.S. government that process marriages (i think it’s called city hall) and green card follow up if i said that i am divorced or if i said that i never married??? I really confused now, because i know my first husband will make things complicated for me….

help me with serious answer please…..

thank you

Get your divorce first and you really are not marring material, you have already lied about your status.