Search Marriage And Divorce Records

Looking for a divorce in ancestry, but how?

I’m working on an ancestry project and I came across someone’s marriage records, that was easy to find, now I know there are conflicting reports to whether they got divorced or not. How could I find that out?
I know they got married in the US (and have all those details) but live in the UK. So far all my internet searches haven’t helped much and most sites need to be paid for. But I don’t want to pay for something if I’m not sure they have what I’m looking for. What can I do? I don’t live in the UK or in the US so going places to do research myself isn’t possible.

Thank you so much!!

The state in which they lived should have the records, although don’t be surprised if it happened a century or more ago if there was no formal, legal divorce as we have today. They often didn’t get a divorce as such, back then.