Saving My Marriage From Divorce

saving my marriage from divorce
marriage – divorce – remarriage?

My wife is not living with me from the past 3 years or so and I am getting offers for 2nd marriage but I am not able to take a decision in this regards, my wife has decided not to give a divorce, I have a 7yr old daughter to take care off, I have given many chances to save my first marriage, but it is all useless, can someone help me out.

Since your wife has not lived with you for three years, I would assume it’s pretty much over. It’s time to let it go. You yourself have come to the conclusion that it’s useless.

But don’t jump right into another marriage. That might just compound your problems. Take on a girlfriend for sure. But take it slow. Make sure of what you have before you make a total commitment.

As far as divorce, there was a time when a woman could refuse you. But the laws have changed and she can not refuse to give you a divorce. So there’s nothing to stop you now. Get on with your life and good luck.