Save Your Marriage From Divorce

save your marriage from divorce
How does the Military view Divorce and Foreclosure?

Current rank is E 5, Can this adversely affect your promotions, I was unable to save marriage and it dominoed from there.

If the divorce wasn’t your fault — i.e., you weren’t cheating on your wife and you weren’t abusive… like that — divorce is way too easy to grant and it happens often and it shouldn’t affect anything.

Foreclosure, if resulting from the divorce shouldn’t either. But if you have a history of late payments, defaults, i.e., of being unable to manage your personal affairs, it can affect your clearance and possibly your career.

I’d make absolutely certain EVERYTHING is documented — the divorce, the settlement, what steps you took to try to save the marriage and to make payments on the mortgage, the marriage and financial counselors with whom you spoke, and records that prove you meet your legal obligations with respect to the divorce… CYA.