Save Your Marriage Divorce

save your marriage divorce
Do you agree with the petition to counteract Prop 8 and save marriage by banning divorce?

Those who promoted and voted a yes vote for Proposition 8 believe marriage is sacred and in god’s eyes between only a man and woman. If you read the reasons for why proposition 8 should have been passed and replace the words ‘Gay Marriage’ with ‘Divorce’, it now becomes an issue of discrimination, because those for it believe they have the right to divorce and remarry.

The Bible (Matthew 5:32) teaches Christians that they are not to get divorced. It clearly states if you get divorced, you may not remarry. Your only option is reconciliation. Marriage is, and always has been, ONE man and ONE woman.

What are your thoughts?
But doesn’t “divorce is acceptable in the case of unfaithfulness” now make both the man and woman adulterers regardless of who cheated?

ps. I asked this question earlier and it was deleted for violation. I didn’t understand why people would find it offending. It’s just a question.

i would love that logic, but the bible states that divorce is acceptable in the case of unfaithfulness.

*edit: unfaithfulness doesn’t have anything to do with adultery (necessarily). unfaithfulness means betrayal. So, for instance, your country is at war, and you find out your wife is a spy for the other side. Your wife is disloyal to you, constantly sabotaging your business, speaking ill of you, etc. Your husband made vows to love, honor, and cherish you, and does none of the above.