Save My Marriage Divorce

save my marriage divorce
My wife wants divorce. She is seeing someone. I am 50. She is 42. Son 18. I want to save marriage. Please Help?

We are married for 23 years. She do not respect my parents, friends, guests etc. We both are self employed. Most of our properties are on joint names. I saved this marriage 16 years back as my son was only 2 years that time. She told me to marry somebody else. I do not think 50 is an age to marry again. Please give me some good advice or address of help organisations. Thanks.

I can understand how much you love her. After all being married for 23yrs is no small task. However, I must ask….what if she does not want to continue with the marriage? It seems this way now that she is seeing someone else. Do you really want to be with someone who would rather be elsewhere then with you? 50 is not OLD….life is short…you never know what life holds for you…do not let fear control you. You deserve a good life…right???