Save Marriage Stop Divorce

save marriage stop divorce
What does the buddhist teachings say about marriage and about smoking marijuana?

My husband want to divorce because he says that according to the buddhist teachings I am to attached to him. What does he mean and how can I save the marriage by stopping the attachedment. What I am I doing wrong?

Who smokes the marijuana? You or him? It would seem that if marijuana abuse or addiction is involved, the Dharma. almost necessarily, is not. In fact, any interpretation of scriptural or realizational doctrine is based on logic and reason, and when one is high, they are delusional. Being high on pot befuddles the mind, and contrary to popular belief, leads one away from the truth. If your husband is a practicing Buddhist and a habitual pot smoker, then, chances are, his ability to discern the truth about reality, or suchness, is obscured by his karma and afflictions; let alone the pursuit of enlightenment for the benefit of others. Taking the Hinayana interpretation of the Four Noble Truths to bear, the root of suffering is the self-cherishing attitude. Getting high, or getting rid of you because you get high, is selfish. If there is something more to the story from his side, than your attachment or pot smoking is most certainly not the root cause of his wanting a divorce. Taking the Mahayana interpretation of the Four Noble Truths to bear, the root of all the ignorance that propels one over and over into the iron-mesh pit of cyclic existence is the self-grasping ignorance of true establishment of persons and phenomena. These two together, the self-cherishing attitude and self-grasping ignorance are the chains that prevent true compassion and true love to be realized by the practitioner. I can honestly say that I doubt that I have any ability for these teachings and I am the worst person around to give advice about the Dharma, but I don’t doubt the efficacy of the Buddhadharma itself as medicine to heal the ills that befall so many people, particularly those people in committed relationships. Lastly, a lot of people read something of the Conqueror’s teaching, smoke a fat joint and think they’ve got it down and then start making rash decisions about their lives based on this projection of their own paltry understanding, treating this precious Jewel like a palm reading at a carnival. It takes years of sustained effort and lifetimes of purification and hearing, contemplating and meditating on the Dharma, before one could say with any certainty that they know the intent of the Sage Buddha through something they have read. So, with conviction, I could say that anyone aspiring to make a definitive life decision using the invaluable Buddhadharma as the basis for that decision must have years and years of sincere study and practice under a recognized Teacher and should consult their Teacher. Likewise, someone who picks up a library book and says, “Yeah, that’s me! That’s us! That’s our situation right there – and it’s all your fault! I’m outta here!” is creating a great deal of negative karma by using the Dharma for their own ends.