Save Marriage From Divorce

save marriage from divorce
Do you think divorce encourages couples not to work at their relationship as much? If it stopped being legal?

What do you think ? If not is there another solution to slow down the rate of divorce? What do you think is causing so many people to divorce and not work at keeping the marriage together.? Do you think if more people cut down on luxuries, extra expenses, and lived a much more simple life and a slower lifestyle and spent regular time together as a couple? Then regualar quality time with the children etc? What would help people from divorcing and saving their marriage before it gets so bad that they have to split for good?

I think right now in this country and abroad, marriage & having children is a scary proposition.

Today, the divorce rate is so high due to no-fault divorce. If you have kids, for women – that means they hold all the cards. A man today has to realize that, love and “the dream” aside, the risks to men/fathers far outweigh the rewards. Check the source – some great books on just this issue.

Family court is tilted heavily in favor of women/mothers. Moms have all the rights, get all the benefits, and dad is too often relegated to a visitor in his children’s lives while being an ATM machine fro mom. He can lose half (or more) of the cash, cars, house, investments, etc… and worse – the children.

Seriously, if I had known then what I know now about how the divorce machine sucks in fathers, grinds them up, and spits them out so unceremoniously, I would have never gotten married and given up my dream of having a family.

With no-fault divorce (the biggest killer of marriage and families) you don’t need an excuse anymore to get a divorce. You just don’t have to feel like being married anymore – and with that reality comes the truth – a marriage is no longer a contract, so what’s the point except to put yourself and your future at risk when someone “doesn’t feel like it anymore?” With women (who have children) initiating almost 3/4 of divorces today (most men don’t even see it coming), it’s the smart man who chooses not to get married and certainly not have children… and that’s a shame.