Save A Marriage From Divorce

save a marriage from divorce
what does it take to save a marriage from divorce? he left 6 months ago but wants to come home after filing?

First of all he is a drug addict who got me hooked on the same drug. He stated that he wants to quit but that the only way he can do that is by coming home and getting away from his roommate who influnces him into doing cocaine and freebase. he also promise to be helpfull around the house and be more productive in our marriage….however all i have heard in the last 9 months is words but I have not seen any actions. How do i know that i can trust him again to get clean, be productive, loving, not controling, and trust in me.

first he should be willing to prove to u he is in therapy, he should keep u updated on his progress, words are cheap, and mean nothing without action. u don’t trust him to get clean if coming back home means enough to him he will be glad to do whatever it takes to get clean and prove to u beyond a doubt hes clean and right again. u really don’t need this bad influence in your life, and it will take hard work with both parties working towards it not just one. things are probably not working out so well with the new love and all the drugs.