Rhyming Life And Death

help me find a short poem as a tattoo?

hi everyone i am looking to get a tattoo under a tattoo i already have in memory of my nan i would like it to be about

life and death
good and bad times
edewiess (a flower what my nan loved)

unfortunitly i am not good at doin poems so anything would help i would like it to rhyme but if you have one what dont rhyme i will still look thanks in advance xx

Like a feather,
Her heart flew towards the sea,
Swaying hopefully,
Until eventually landing softly on the surface,
Where it floated peacefully.
By Myself (:

THERE grows a white, white flower
By the wild Alps of romance;
And who would reach its dainty leaves
Takes life and death in chance.

There is a dark, dark cavern
Where a woman goes alone,
Takes hope and peril in her hand
And fights Death on his throne.

To our heart’s breathless calling
She comes from the cavern wild,
Holding in her exhausted arms
A small, white, blossoming child.

By Frank Wilmot, Edelweiss

i think having something about the flower would be nice, because its something different, and it could be more special that way ?