Playhouse Disney

playhouse disney
PBS, Nick Jr, Playhouse Disney, or none of the above?

Which does your children prefer?

Which do you prefer?

Jaden alternated between all 3. He loved Clifford, Curious George, and Sesame Street off of PBS, he loved The Wiggles, Bear in the Big Blue House on Playhouse Disney, and he LOVED Dora and Diego on Nick Jr.
Rylee loves Yo Gabba Gabba. That’s about it. She doesn’t watch TV.

I just watch what they watch. I dont’ like any of it lol.

I prefer Sprout because they play five minutes of Thomas the Train! My son loves Thomas and the gang, I love it because I get five minutes to unload the dishes and start preparing for a meal. I also love to hear George Carlin’s voice as I am laying on the couch, its very soothing.