Pictures Of Beauty And The Beast Characters

I am concerned about my son’s image of me…?

His first grade class had a project to draw different Disney characters for each member of their family. For his mom he drew Belle from Beauty n the Beast, which she thought was sweet, but am i the only one deeply disturbed that he chose Gaston and Ed from The Lion King to reprezent me??? i am also concerned that he pictured himself as Cinderella? wth i didnt even know he’s seen Cinderella? should we seek counseling?
ok, maybe i shouldn’t panic.

Ok Ok…..let’s break this down rationally. To a 1st grader, Belle is really smart and pretty. Gaston is handsome and always gets the girls, Ed is REALLY REALLY funny. And Cinderella is stuck cleaning up after everyone all of the time and never gets to do what she wants. It sounds to me like you have a very intelligent 1st grader who is trying to say that he admires his parents but he is a bit stressed out from either chores or school.

Don’t panic dad. I don’t think your son is imagining himself in glass slippers just yet.