Picture Of Belle From Beauty And The Beast

picture of belle from beauty and the beast
Where can I find a teen Storybook Belle Halloween Costume?

I want a halloween costume that resembles Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. I mainly need a picture so i can make it, but i would like to know what it will look like before i jump into it.

I need something with the top part of the dress to look kinda the same, but I want the bottom part of the dress to be a cute mini skirt that kinda poofs out. If anyone could help me find one, that would be great.

I only need a picture, because I will be making the costume.

And, by the way, I am 14. So, nothing to adult like. But I still need something cute.
I am going to make my costume, i believe I said that before. I just want a picture to go by.

Try this