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Phoenix, AZ vs. Tucson, AZ?

Give me some advantages and disadvantages of these two cities. I know Phoenix is larger, there may be something else to do there … but this is not the name merely a few reasons why one is better than the other, and what a city can offer that others can not. I am interested to go mainly because of weather, Arizona, I love the sun, love heat, so much to offer … to name a few things that make me want to go to either .. i certainly I am 23 years … interests include fitness, sports, cars, music, space (stars, etc. consultant), health, etc.

Tucson is a small town medium, but nothing very exciting, is a university town, although I have nightlife and concerts and all those good things, easier to navigate and less congested and traffic is a plus in Phoenix is ​​a disaster, most of the world, people are rude, it's like a giant city sized you just tendency to save its hotter than Tucson, his dearest, must lead to ever shit traffic, the city is very ugly and not well respected, Center City is like a Ghosttown is small and shabby and doesent have something to offer. if you want the city life, I suggest you choose a new city